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Products are the vitality of an enterprise, and the length of vitality comes from the continuous renewal and creation of products, and is the source of power for the sustainable development of the enterprise.

At the beginning of its establishment, Baidie Company attached great importance to technology research and development, and established a PP-R tube technology application center and a PP-R tube technology promotion center at the request of the Ministry of Construction and the Economic and Trade Commission. Currently, it is re-established on the basis of this center. It has established a technical center, which specializes in product research and development and the compilation of various supporting standards. Now the company has PP-R products in addition to β.PP-R pipes, PE pipes, steady-state pipes, 3S silent drainage pipes, PVC-U drainage pipes, PVC-U electrical casing pipes, PE-RT pipes, and ground source heat pumps. Such piping systems are widely used in cold and hot water systems, pure water systems, drainage systems, floor heating systems and other special piping systems. The products basically cover all piping application systems. Various standards prepared at the same time include PP-R national standards and so on.

R&D needs talents. The company's talent strategy is to invite in, go out, absorb all kinds of outstanding professional and high-precision talents, and send out professional training for promising talents, so as to achieve the R&D talent allocation. At the same time, it cooperates with foreign advanced production enterprises and domestic universities, design institutes and other professional fields.