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Products are vitality of an enterprise and the length of vitality comes from continuous renewal and creation of products and is source power of sustainable development of an enterprise.

White Butterfly Company has been highly valuing technology R&D since its establishment, built technology application center and technology promotion center of PP-R pipes according to requirements of State Ministry of Construction and State Economic and Trade Commission and built technology center based on the center to research and develop products and compile various supported standards. Now the company owns PP-R products, β.PP-R pipes, PE pipes, steady state pipes, 3S mute drain pipes, PVC-U drain pipes, PVC-U electrical conduits, PE-RT pipes, ground source heat pumps and other pipeline systems, and these products are widely applied to cold and hot water systems, pure water systems, drainage systems, floor heating systems and other special pipeline systems and basically cover various pipeline application systems. It also compiled PP-R national standard, etc.

The talents are essential to the R&D and the talent strategy we adopt: invite and go out, attract excellent professional elites and send promising talents to foreign countries for professional training, so as to reach talent allocation of R&D. Meanwhile, we also cooperate with foreign advanced production enterprises and domestic colleges, designing institutes, etc.
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