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Quality Assurance

■ Technical Advantage
With many chief engineers and senior technicians, the company has successively developed advanced PPR water supply pipes, PE water supply pipes, PE gas pipes, floor panel heating PE-RT pipes, 3S PP mute pipes, β.PP-R pipes, PP-R stable composite pipes, special pipes for ground source heat pumps, PVC-U drain pipes, PVC-U electrical conduits and so on and always walks on the forefront of the industry.
■ Quality Advantage
The company forms material detection, production process self test, spot check of inspectors and delivery inspection, ensures that unqualified products do not leave the factory and owns DSC oxidation induction detection and high temperature hydraulic devices, shock testing machines, tensile test and multifunctional detecting machines and other detection equipment with degree corresponding to national detection centers. Meanwhile, the company forms documented quality system according to ISO9001 and ISO14001 standards.
■ Management Advantage
The company started informatization construction with 80%-90% coverage rate in 2003, basically realizes main functions of ERP and popularizes supply chain management (SCM) and customer relation management (CRM); The informatization integrates resources of white butterfly, reduces the cost, improves supply chain competitive capacity and greatly improves market penetration and customer service ability.
■ Service Advantage
The company has established regional dealers and offices in over 20 provinces and cities, built warehouses and allocated technical service personnel, adopts 24-hour response service principle and better and quickly provides first-rate full-process technical service for customers.
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