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■ The basic requirements for staff
Shanghai White Butterfly Pipe Technology Co., Ltd. The general requirement of staff should have the following seven basic ability and quality.
1, dialectical thinking: The company asked employees to look at problems with dialectical ability. Including dialectical view taken with care, pay and receive, good and bad, right and wrong and the management of the "degree" of the problem.
Second, learning ability: The company require employees to have a very strong learning ability and aptitude, have good study habits and methods, and have strong self-learning ability.
Third, innovation: Companies require employees to have a sense of innovation and capabilities, including systems, management, marketing, culture, ideas, quality, brands, services, and innovation.
4, viability: the company require employees to have the necessary skills, experience and ability to adapt, to form a strong survivability.
5, team spirit: the company require employees to have the team's ability and the ability to communicate, understand and be good at working with others, good team fighting.
6, the ability to take risks: companies require employees to dare to struggle, dare to play, that has the awareness and ability to take risks.
7, personal qualities and virtues: the company require employees to have good ethics, including responsibility, self-esteem, confidence, self-management, honesty, integrity, and would be loyal to the company, the user integrity.
If you have these basic requirements, please contact us, Shanghai Bai Die Pipe Technology Co., Ltd. invites you to join the team, and common development. As long as you have a dream, the company is your dream place to fly.
■ With regard to specific personnel requirements, please refer to the company jobs section, we will disclose at any time and update jobs.

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