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Is the green PPR pipe better or the white PPR pipe better?

The home is going to be renovated. I went to the building materials market to find materials. I saw PPR water pipes in white, green, yellow, and gold. Among them, white and green PPR water pipes are mostly. So, the question is, is the green ppr water pipe better or the white ppr water pipe better? Let’s put it this way, the white PPR water pipe is a classic model, and the other colored water pipes are upgraded PPR pipes that follow the development of the society in order to adapt to the trend of the younger generation owners. Of course, some color PPR pipes are produced by the manufacturer to match the company VI. For example, the white butterfly blue and white two-color PPR water pipe is the 30th anniversary of Shanghai Baidie, the Weixing green PPR pipe. In terms of color alone, color PPR is indeed more beautiful and beautiful than the classic white PPR pipe, but as a PPR pipe, its quality is the focus of our consideration. So, is there any difference in quality between the green PPR water pipes and the white PPR water pipes that account for the larger market share? This question is more difficult to answer, because the PPR brand is different, the quality of the PPR tube is definitely different, but it is certain that the quality of the white PPR tube and the color PPR tube produced by the PPR tube manufacturer is the same. The difference is only in appearance, mainly because , The main raw materials are the same when producing PPR pipes, but the added color masterbatch pellets are different, so the colors of the PPR pipes produced are different. Is the green PPR pipe better or the white PPR pipe better? The raw material of PPR pipe is random copolymer polypropylene, which is a kind of hygienic, non-toxic and environmentally friendly translucent oval particles. Different PPR pipe manufacturers have different PPR pipe materials. Therefore, the quality of PPR pipes from different manufacturers cannot be carried out.





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