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The first "Baidie Cup" Youth Challenge in Fengxian District ended successfully

On the afternoon of April 30th, the first "Baidie Cup" youth challenge in Fengxian District was held on the football field of Qixian School in Fengxian District. This event was jointly organized by Shanghai Baidie and Qixian School. This challenge was hosted by Liu Yan, Director of Qixian School, Zhou Ying, Deputy Director of District Education Bureau, Ye Ni, Deputy Mayor of Jinhui Town, Zhu Huali, Section Chief of Sports, Health and Arts Section of Education Bureau, and Shanghai Baidie Pipe Technology Co., Ltd. Fu Huaqiang, representative of the company’s party branch and head of the Sports and Education Office of the Sports Bureau, and school leaders from participating schools attended the event.e teams from Qixian School and Nanqiao·Hengxian United Primary School both advanced to the championship and runner-up competition. The final was kicked-off by Gu Jianbo, director of the District Youth Activity Center. On the field, the football captains of both sides were not to be outdone. All of them bravely forged ahead. They made saves, counterattacks, and volleys. Next to the stadium, the coaches’ instructions and the audience The cheers from the audience and the cheering from the cheerleaders resounded one after another and resounded throughout the campus. After fierce competition, Qixian School won the championship, Nanqiao·Hengxian United Primary School won the second place, Ping An School won the third place, Siyan Primary School, Xidu School, and the attached elementary school of Fengjiaoyuan won the prizes. Among them, the Qixian School football team The three players won the best player award, best scorer award, and best goalkeeper award respectively. Zhang Min and Shen Yanhong, representatives of the Shanghai Baidie Party Committee, presented awards to the three outstanding young players. The first "Baidie Cup" Youth Challenge in Fengxian District was successfully concluded. This event not only exercised the students’ physique and demonstrated their vitality, but also built a platform for each school to communicate with each other. At the same time, we hope that the participating teams can Continue to carry forward the spirit of the times of unity, hard work, and progress.





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