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3S Silent Drain

3S silent drain pipe (dn50-dn160)

Beidie brand beige PB pipe straight pipes are generally used for radiator pipes, and radiator heating is still the mainstream of heating, especially in northern China. The traditional pipeline circulating water system uses galvanized pipes as the main metal pipes. The metal pipes are prone to corrosion and scaling in the high-temperature oxygen-enriched circulating water, causing problems such as leakage and reduced water flow. The service life is short and maintenance is not required. convenient. Polybutene PB pipes are suitable for various forms of radiator connections due to their excellent high temperature characteristics, convenient installation and maintenance methods. Hygienic and non-toxic: This product is a green building material and can be used in pure drinking water pipeline systems. Heat resistance: Under the specified long-term continuous working pressure, the water temperature in the pipeline can reach 70°C, and the instantaneous temperature can reach 95°C. Corrosion resistance and non-scaling: It can avoid the troubles of pipe fouling and clogging and yellow spot rust in the basin and bathtub, and it is not limited to the precipitation of water quality and the impurity water washed out. Thermal insulation and energy saving: the thermal conductivity is one-two percent of the metal pipe, which is very effective for heat preservation and energy saving of hot water pipes. Light weight and high specific strength: the specific gravity is one-eighth of the metal tube, with good toughness and impact resistance. Beautiful appearance: The product has smooth inner and outer walls, small flow resistance, large flow, and soft and diverse colors. There are many types of white, green, yellow, blue, black, gray, etc., and the appearance is beautiful. Convenient and reliable installation: It adopts hot-melt connection without threading, and a joint connection can be completed in a few seconds. The connection with the metal pipe and the water heater adopts high-quality copper inserts, which is safe and reliable. Long service life: The pipe system has a service life of more than 50 years under the specified conditions of use.

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